Warehouse Mobile NZ|Prepay Mobile Plans, Price, Top-Up and mobile phones


If you read this page, you can get to know Warehouse Mobile as one of the newer mobile providers in NZ.

  1. Warehouse Mobile offers “Prepay Plans”
  2. How to top-up on Prepay Plans and buy SIM cards ?
  3. Choose your mobile phone from Warehouse Mobile

This page is easy to read, because of less words and simple comparison list/table. 😄

1. Warehouse Mobile offers “Prepay Plans”


Credit: Warehouse Mobile

Warehouse Mobile is a New Zealand based mobile service provider operated by The Warehouse Group* since 2015.

Warehouse Mobile aims to offer Kiwis the lowest standard of prepay rates, flexible plans and a cheaper prepay option.

(*) The Warehouse Group is one of the biggest company groups in NZ (established in 1982), now owns The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationary, Noel Leeming, Torpedo 7, 1-day and The Market.

3 main reasons
why Warehouse Mobile has been becoming popular

  • Low Price Plans
  • Rollover of Unused data
    (up to 1year)
  • Top-Up just from $5

Warehouse Mobile Plans are the following 3 types of “Prepay Plans”, no Monthly Plans,

  1. Combos
  2. Packs
  3. Casual Rates

So, I’m going to explain these plans one by one.

1) Combos

There are 3 Combo Plans from $12 to $38 as below.

Plans “$12 Combo” “$16 Combo” “$38 Combo”
(NZ Rollover)
500MB 1.25GB 5GB
  • 200 Mins (to NZ/AU)
  • Unlimited to Warehouse Mobiles
Texts Unlimited
(to NZ/AU)
Valid for 31 days
Deals 2GB FREE Data Weekends* 2GB FREE Data Weekends*

(*) Offer available for a limited time only. Minimum $5 Top Up applies. 2GB Weekends:

2) Packs

There are [Data Packs] and [Talk & Text Packs].

Data Packs

There are 3 Data Packs from $4 to $30 as below.

Plans “$4 Data” “$8 Data” “$30 Data”
(NZ Rollover)
500MB 1.25GB 5GB
Valid for 31 days

Talk & Text Packs

There are 2 Talks and Text Packs just at $4.

Plans “$4 Talk” “$4 Text”
(NZ Rollover)
200 min
(to NZ/AU)
(to NZ/AU)
Valid for 31 days

3) Casual Rates

Casual Rates are applied on each data, Tests and Mins.

Type Casual Rates
Data 8 cent per MB
(of NZ Data)
Call 8 cent per Min
(to MZ, AU and 15 international destinations)
Text 8 cent per Text
(to NZ and AU)

In addition, other rates and pricing are as below. (just for your reference)

Q. If Data, Call or Text are not working, what should we do ?

Warehouse Mobile is a good provider, but it looks like some people experienced troubles

Based on FAQ (“Frequently Asked Question”) on the Warehouse Mobile website, the answer is below.

What should I do if something on my phone isn’t working?

  1. Firstly, always try turning the handset off and on again as this can refresh activity on the phone and fixes many common problems.
  2. If this hasn’t worked, then visit our settings page to make sure your device has the correct settings.
  3. If your phone still isn’t working after a restart, then please call us on 800 (or 0800 284 800 from a non-Warehouse Mobile phone) and we’ll help you get things working again.

Credit: Warehouse Mobile

2. How to top-up on Prepay Plans and buy SIM cards ?

There are 5 ways to top-up on Warehouse Mobile Prepay Plans.

How to Top-Up Comments
App Using the Warehouse Mobile App;

Download the Android app here
Download the iPhone app here

  • Free call 801 from your Warehouse Mobile
  • Using a credit/debit card or voucher
Auto Top-Up
  • Monthly Auto Top-Up is available using My Warehouse Mobile
  • Top-Up-amounts are from $5 up to $50 on a specific day every month. (*Credit/Debit card payment)
Voucher Buy a top up voucher at the following stores.

Find Warehouse stores
Or, over 8000 locations (wherever you see the big Warehouse Mobile logo).

Once you top-up credits, you can use it for 365 days.

SIM cards


Credit: Warehouse Mobile

To use Warehouse Mobile, you need to buy a Warehouse Mobile SIM card at first.

There are 3 types of SIM cards offered by Warehouse Mobile.

Multi SIM Red
Combo SIM
Multi Swap
$1 $16 $2
Comes with $5 Credit pre-loaded. Comes with $16 Combo pre-loaded. Replace a lost or stolen SIM card.

Credit: Warehouse Mobile

(*) All SIM cards are suitable for most devices, and included Mini-SIM, Micro-SIM and Nana-SIM sizes.

Q. How to Keep Your Number ?


Credit: Warehouse Mobile

If you bring your current mobile number to Warehouse Mobile, you will get 5GB data For FREE.

It’s easy to keep your current numberjust 3 Steps.

  1. Buy a Warehouse Mobile SIM online or in store (Then, call 800 to activate it)
  2. A text message will be sent to your current provider’s SIM for verification.
  3. Respond from that SIM within 2 hours before the number porting will begin.

3. Choose your mobile phone from Warehouse Mobile

Warehouse Mobile offers not only Mobile Plans but also mobile phones.

The price is from $49, so it’s easy to get started!

Brand/Model Colour
Alcatel 20.38X
Alcatel 1E
Alcatel 1
Alcatel 1 2022
Alcatel 1V
Samsung Galaxy A01
Samsung Galaxy A10

4. Summary

I explained about Warehouse Mobile’s Prepay Plans, how to Top-Up, how to keep your number and mobile phones.

Warehouse Mobile is especially good for the people who is looking for Prepay Plans and want to save money.

Now I think that you understand whether Warehouse Mobile is good for you or not at this moment.

Please check Warehouse Mobile’s website, if you like.

Warehouse Mobile: https://www.warehousemobile.co.nz/

If you can find the best one for you, I’m really happy about it.

Q. What are Warehouse Mobile’s contact numbers ?

Contact phone numbers of Warehouse Mobile are as below.

Contacts Comments
Online inquiry
Contact Form on Warehouse Mobile
Contact numbers
  • From your Warehouse Mobile: 800
  • From within NZ: 0800 284800
  • From overseas: +64 284 800800
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