FED.|a home delivery meal kit – ready for eat just by heating


If you read this page, you can get to know main points about FED as one of the best meal kit brands in NZ.

  1. What is “FED” ?
  2. How it works for FED ?
  3. Comparing to the other meal kit providers

This page is easy to read, because of less words and simple comparison list/table. 😄

1. What is “FED” ?


Credit: FED

FED is a home delivered meal provider, and a NZ company owned and operated it.

And, FED offers subscription plans (weekly/fortnightly) and one off orders.


Credit: FED

2. How it works for FED ?


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FED’s home delivery service, it works in just 3 Steps.

  • STEP 1. Choose your plan
  • STEP 2. Delivered Fresh
  • STEP 3. Heat and Eat

I’m going to explain these steps one by one.

Please check “delivery area” of FED first.


Credit: FED

1) Choose your plan


Credit: FED

AS you can see, the meals from a variety of delicious meals are waiting for you.

A promotion code

Also the promotion code “FREESHIP” is available for your first order.


Credit: FED

2) Delivered Fresh


Credit: FED

FED’s fresh meals will be delivered to your home safely and cleanly.

3) Heat and Eat


Credit: FED

It’s very easy for you just to heat and eat the delivered meals.

【 One off order available 】

FED offers not only subscription plans but also “one off order” from around $12 per a meal.


Credit: FED

【 Others 】

FED also offers school lunch, wholesale and gift voucher.

● FED’s School lunch

Credit: FED

● FED’s Wholesale


Credit: FED

● Gift Voucher (amount: $100~$400)


Credit: FED

3. Comparing to the other meal kit providers

The comparison table of the major meal kit brands in NZ is as below.

I hope that this is helpful for you to compare them.

Brands Features Price*
Ready to eat just by heating $74.94
(*) One off plan
HelloFreshHello-Fresh-NZ-logo One of the best meal kit brands in NZ $97.99
My Food Bag
new and exciting ingredients and flavours for Kiwis $112.99
Bargain Box
  • Cheaper price
  • Good for big family

(*) Including delivery fees

As you can see, FED is a little bit expensive comparing to the ones of other major providers.

I recommend HelloFresh as a best provider, and the cheapest plan is Bargain Box.

4. Summary


Credit: FED

I explained about FED, and it is a home delivered meal provider – subscription (weekly/fortnightly) and one off meals.

The prepared meals by FED can be eaten just by heating, so it’s very easy and simple for you.

Please check FED’s website, if you like.

FED: https://www.getfed.co.nz

If you can find the best one for you, I’m really happy about it.

Enjoy your shopping !!

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